Miwak Junior

Miwak Junior is the brain and design child of artist Sebastian Boher and partner Alice Johnson Boher. The duo create beautiful objects with functionality with the main function being smoking the good shit.  Now that marijuana is full legalized in California, it's nice to know you can find elegant objects to smoke out of as opposed to a standard bong with Grateful Dead bears plastered all over it.  Plus, I can't think of a cooler name than "Miwak Junior". 

Gone Bazaar: Where does the name Miwak Junior come from?
Miwak Junior: It's Japanese-inspired. We at Miwak Junior are big fans of Japanese design and a clean zen aesthetic. Sebastian had a Japanese colleague at CALArts by the name of Miwa, and he just loved the name.

Gone Bazaar: What inspires the beautiful design in the products in the brand?
Miwak Junior: Sebastian's sculptural work, which has echoes of pre-Columbian cultures and space age wonder.

Gone Bazaar: If you could jump in a time machine and take something from the Miwak Junior collection with you and share it with someone from another era, what era would you choose and whom would you choose to share it with?
Miwak Junior: We'd love to share our collection with the Mayans or the Incas. We enjoy imagining that our pipes would be up to snuff for their ancient rituals.

Gone Bazaar: You're based in LA, does Los Angeles inform or inspire Miwak Junior?  If so, how?
Gone Bazaar: We're both from more conservative cultures, so we embrace Los Angeles for her free-thinking, status quo-challenging ways. Like many Angelenos, we wish for a deeper connection with the land and the sea and the plants that surround us here. Our pipes have an organic shape with a smooth handfeel, like a stone you'd find on a river or a beach.

Gone Bazaar: What are some of your favorite things about LA?
Miwak Junior: The variety of landscapes and the variety of people is dazzling!

Gone Bazaar: If you could have a dinner party for 3 artists and/or designers past, present, fictional or real, who would you choose and what would you serve for dinner?
Miwak Junior: Hundertwasser, Violetta Parra, and Amy Sherald. We'd have pisco sours, oysters, and machas a la parmesana for a Chilean cocktail hour, then a big Southern-style fish fry with catfish and hushpuppies for dinner.


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