Kim Dulaney - Artist Interview

Kim Dulaney is a graphic designer, illustrator and art director residing in Brooklyn, New York. She is an alumni of Cal Arts, accomplished illustrator and designer, as well as jewelry designer.

Gone Bazaar: What’s your background in art and design?
Kim Dulaney:
I actually wanted to be an architect when I was young, but that was before I realized I’m horrible at math. I was inspired by the landscapes and abundant nature in Washington state. I strive to deliver detailed and colorful works that show my personality.

GB: Who are some artists who inspire you? 
KD: There are so many to list. Ever since high school I’ve loved the surrealist architectural group Archigram. I have many of their pieces framed at home. I’m also inspired by: Josef Frank, Jean Henri Gaston Giraud, M.C. Escher, Hermes Scarves, Miles Davis, Otomo Katsuhiro, Dan Mcpharlin, Kahori Maki, Jim Henson, Rune Fisker, Luis Bunuel, Anouk Griffioen, Theo Jansen, Herb Lublin, Takenobu Igarashi, Alexander Mcqueen, Eyvind Earle, Max Ernst, Masaki Mizuno, Jonathan Zawada, Fuco Ueda, Petra Borner, Mi-Zo, Magnhild Kennedy, and Mati Klarwein.

GB: Are you inspired by any particular cities? 
KD: New York City

GB: Why NYC?
KD: New York City is now my home. I can’t lie, I didn’t think I could ever love NYC. I moved here on a whim when I had a lay over in New York from London to Seattle, WA. I barely knew anyone here, I had never visited, and had done no research besides knowing there were a lot of design jobs. I called up a company the day before my flight asking if they’d be open to have me go staff and luckily, they agreed to hire me. I was broke and terrified. The job fell through and I lived in an area of Brooklyn that at the time was so sketchy that I had to run to the subway even in the daytime to feel safe. Eventually I got paid and met many like-minded artists and loved ones. The feeling of making it in NY after not having much was a huge achievement for me.

GB: If you could work within any past art movement which one would you choose and why? 
KD: The start of the surrealist movement back in the 1920s. I would hate to of lived in that era, but love the idea of tapping into the unconscious as a means to unlock the power of the imagination with art. 

GB: Define what art means to you in 20 words or less. 
KD: Art got me through most of my hard times. If not for art I’d be an angry person. 

GB: If you had to choose one, what's your favorite art gallery?
MAD Museum in NYC And Museum of Jurassic Technology in LA.

GB: If you could throw a dinner party for any 3 artists (past, present, fictional or real) who would you choose and what you make for dinner? 
KD: Jim Henson, M.C. Escher and Moebius. We’d drink a lot of red wine and I’d serve steamed spinach and a brisket.

I chose my top 4 favorite commercial work by Kim Dulaney below. From left to right:
Nokia, Stevie Nicks 2016-2017 Tour, Sagia (Saudia Arabian Investment Authority) and Red Bull.

Haya Zoubi