La Maison Rebelle

Interview with Alyson Leif, Los Angeles based founder of La Maison Rebelle:

Gone Bazaar: What’s La Maison Rebelle about?
Alyson Leif: It’s an elevated boutique and art gallery with unique gifts that are a bit more rebellious in nature. We specialize in rock ‘n’ roll photography, home furnishings, fashion and fine art.

Gone Bazaar: What’s your background in art?
Alyson Leif: I have been involved in the music and art scene for some time now. I played in a band myself for many years and most of my friends are artists.  Everything just happened very organically. 

Gone Bazaar: If you had to choose just one who is your favorite rock star or icon that you’ve featured in La Maison Rebelle?
Alyson Leif: I have a deep love for David Bowie.  He was such a prolific writer and performer.  I have always been very inspired by his style and music.

Gone Bazaar: If you could jump into a time machine to any era which would you choose and why?
Alyson Leif: Well the 1970’s would be interesting; I would go way back to the Italian Renaissance so I could wear elaborate clothing and headdresses.

Gone Bazaar: If you could choose three artists (who are featured in La Maison Rebelle’s collection) to have a dinner party with. Who would you choose and what would you serve for dinner? 
Alyson Leif: David Bowie, Salvador Dali and Lou Reed.  I would start with a nice Amuse Bouche of a lightly battered oyster mushroom, bérnaise sauce, and kelp caviar.  This would be followed by a Moroccan spring vegetable soup then a nice watermelon, cucumber mint salad with a dollop of fruit cream, from a recipe in one of Dali’s books.  For the main course I would prepare a homemade tagliatelle dish. For desert I would bring out the most perfect sacher torte, a tribute to my homeland, infused with lavender and serve with psilocybin laced tea and lots of champagne.  I’m vegan but I think they would still enjoy it.

Haya Zoubi