Andrew WK

I recently had the opportunity to chat on the phone with Andrew W.K. and ask him a few creative questions that have been on my mind:

Gone Bazaar: If you could have dinner with any three historical figures of your choice who would you choose and what would you make for dinner?
Andrew W.K.: I would choose to have supper with Francis Bacon the artist and Francis Bacon the philosopher. It would be interesting for them to meet each other since they have the same name.  It’s possible that the younger Bacon was named after the elder Bacon.  The third person I would invite would be Eve. The world’s mommy. We would all eat candy for dinner -a candy supper.

Gone Bazaar: If you could choose a fictional or non fictional literary character to have a conversation with, who would you choose and what’s the first question you would ask?
Andrew W.K.: I guess I would go with Jesus. He represents the best of fiction and non-fiction, the way a character can be portrayed in literature. If I could ask him one question, I would ask him “Why”.  Just why… and he might say “Why not?” who knows.

Gone Bazaar: If you could travel in a time machine to any era and hang out for a bit, which one would you choose?
Andrew W.K.: I would like to go back to the 40’s when my dad was a child.

Gone Bazaar: You’re sun sign is in Taurus.  What are your feelings on astrology and are there any traits from your sign that you identify with?
Andrew W.K.: A very wise man once explained to me that astrology is not meant to be taken literally but taken in a sort of creative interpretation.  I think that astrology is extraordinarily misunderstood, especially by it’s detractors who are quick to pigeonhole it as a sort of charlatans trick.  I think it’s a way to explore different aspects of human nature, many people who are skeptical of things like to look at the world in very clear cut ways.  It’s either real or it’s false.. and of course things aren’t always that clear.  When it comes to Taurus one of the things people say about it is that it’s a very young sign.. very close to the earth, it’s the first earth sign. There’s a lot of innocence or ignorance or naiveté.. I suppose I recognize those qualities.  There are times when I feel very certain about something on a self assured level and it’s hard to go against that, but I can contradict those impulses and I can do the opposite just for the sake of it.

Gone Bazaar: Can you give us a positive message for the day?
Andrew W.K.: Stay strong for the sake of staying strong. Not to achieve any particular ambition or be stronger than someone else.. not to necessarily prove anything.  Just stay strong in the spirit of being worthy of having the chance to be human at all.

Haya Zoubi