Brandon Boyd

Gone Bazaar: Who are some artists (past or present) that you admire?

Brandon Boyd: I’ve recently been loving Robert Motherwell’s work, but one of my longtime favorites has been Aubrey Beardsley. And I suppose there’s a lot of space in between those two!

Gone Bazaar: What’s your favorite city or town and why?

BB: I was born and raised in LA and it still remains one of my favorite places in the world because I feel like I’m constantly discovering it. I’ve been traveling with my band now for over half of my life and every time I come home to Los Angeles I feel that sense of relief one gets when they return “home” but also a sense of excitement, that one experiences when they are uncovering someplace new to them. I’ve left pieces of my heart in Northern California and in the Pacific Northwest as well.

Gone Bazaar: What’s your favorite art gallery of museum in LA?

BB: I just had a gallery show at 101/Exhibit Gallery in West Hollywood so it’s high on my list right now. Haha. But the Museum of Jurassic Technology is also a really special, off the beaten path kind of place.

Gone Bazaar: Tell us about a recent exhibit that’s inspired you?

BB: At my gallery show in West Hollywood earlier this month, I showcased works by friends of mine. Tasya Van Ree, Natalie Bergman and Diana Garcia. All of their work was so inspiring, it made me want to try harder as an artist! I’d invite everyone to check out what they’re doing.

Gone Bazaar: What are some of the parallels between art and music for you?

BB: The two are merely branches that sprout out of the same tree!

Gone Bazaar: If you could have a dinner party with three artists (past, present, real or fictional) who would you choose and what would you make for dinner?

BB: At my dinner party, I’d invite Rick from Rick and Morty, Roger from American Dad and Matthew McConaughey’s character from the movie Contact. I’d serve cold pizza and super duper dank weed from Northern California and try to get McConaughey’s character to rationalize how the fuck we were eating pizza and smoking weed with two cartoon characters. One, a pansexual extraterrestrial and the other, a hyper-intelligent grandfather who builds portal guns that can beam you into alternate universes. Seems like a good night!

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