Esao Andrews

Gone Bazaar: Somehow you are no longer able to paint or do anything art-related, how would you express yourself creatively?
Esao Andrews: I’m not sure, maybe I would try and focus on music making, always find it therapeutic to mess around with musical instruments.

Gone Bazaar: What other interests do you have outside of art?
EA: I find myself reading up on science related issues all the time. Very depressing. I also tinker around on a guitar and skateboard from time to time, but never at the same time.

Gone Bazaar:  How do you conceive or dream up the characters and themes in your work?
EA: I don’t have any set rules when it comes to coming up with ideas, Half of it is just substituting natural elements in an image with something a bit foreign and trying to make a connection with this new interaction of those in the image and with the viewer.

Gone Bazaar:  Do you think that there is a contrast between the perception of your work and the intent of your work?
EA: I think for the most part people get the mood or action in the image. It’s weird when someone is completely off of what I was trying to convey, but their interpretation works for them.

Gone Bazaar: Who are some of your favorite artists past or present:
EA: Egon Schiele, Al Columbia, Joe Sorren, Sargent, Hayao Miyazaki, Tom Herpich, Inka Essenhigh, Aaron Horkey, Nigel Cooke, James Jean, a ton of others.

Gone Bazaar: Does fashion play into your work at all?
EA: Yes sometimes it does. Mostly its your typical outfits you’d expect in a fairytale world. Other times I’ll loosely base hair and garments on current styles, though I’m becoming more generic now so as not to have the images seem TOO dated ten years from now.

Gone Bazaar: If you had to be stuck in one city or region for the rest of your life, where would you choose?
EA: Thats a tough one because I’m in a transient state of mind right now though I haven’t traveled much to know what I want. I long to be in a more lush environment, but love New York and will probably stay here for a while because it keeps me motivated.

Bonus Question
Gone Bazaar:  You have found the ability to be able to jump through a portal which makes you see through the eyes of and control the actions of one of the characters from one of your portraits (and make them come alive, of course!). Which character would you choose and what are you going to do with this new found power?
EA: Hmm, most of the portraits I’ve done are monsters or girls and most of the scenes I do are pretty desolate and scary, but there’s one I did called “World’s Fair” which has a girl on a flying platform with luggage leaving a fairground. I imagine that 180 degrees out of frame is an old city and some whimsical cartoon adventure would unfold with the premise of me finding a new place to live.

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