Kristin Gallegos

Kristin Gallegos is a Photographer, Creative Director, and DJ based in New York City.

Gone Bazaar: Who are some artists whom you admire?

Kristin Gallegos: I admire a lot of artists of different mediums.  Growing up I was a ballet dancer and my idol was Mikhail Baryshnikov.  He was just the greatest and he was also so cool.  He defected the Soviet Union and lived in NYC.  He was a regular at Studio 54. He was living the dream!  I have also always been obsessed with Andy Warhol.  He inspires me so much because he did everything from illustrating to painting, to screen printing, to films, to managing The Velvet Underground, to throwing happenings, to the Factory and its superstars.  He was so influential not only in art but in pop culture as a whole.  He really changed the game.  And as an artist I do more than one thing.  I take photos but on my shoots I do the beauty, I style, I prop style the locations, I creative direct, etc.  My background is as a makeup artist.  And I also DJ quite a bit on the side and curate/throw parties.  And as of lately I have been also shooting video, mainly super 8.  But I guess my point is that I don’t like to be restricted to one thing.  I also love the work of photographer David Bailey, especially his work in the 60’s.  His portrait and fashion work have always inspired me.  And I am inspired by the work of filmmaker Wes Anderson.  His attention to detail and art direction is insane.  I try to do the same in my own work.  He is also known for a very specific aesthetic, as am I.  Another film maker that inspires me is Stanley Kubrick.  Another artist that paid attention to every detail of every shot.  I feel like my work has a very cinematic feel to it.  And I also really look up to Mick Rock, who is a friend!  His 70’s rock and roll photography is unmatched!  I am starting to work more and more with musicians.  I have always secretly wished to be a rock star.  Musicians inspire me so much.  So shooting them and creating together is really quite amazing.  Mick is the king of that!  I could go on and on!

Gone Bazaar: What is your favorite city and why?

KG: My favorite city is New York City, my home.  I had dreamt of living here my whole life growing up.  The one and only time I was able to visit before moving here I just knew it was my city.  I finally felt like I could be me and live the life I was supposed to.  And 13 1/2 years later it hasn’t disappointed.  I have been fortunate to have been able to travel the world as a makeup artist and have gone to so many amazing cities but nowhere compares to NYC for me!

Gone Bazaar: What’s your favorite museum in NYC?

KG: My favorite museum in NYC is MOMA.  I know thats probably cliche but they always have amazing exhibits there.  I need to go more frequently to be honest!

Gone Bazaar: A recent exhibit you viewed there that inspired you?

KG: the Nan Goldin exhibit ‘The Ballad of Sexual Dependency’.  I especially enjoyed the 700 photo slide show of her photos from the 70s and 80s.  Her work is raw and powerful!

Gone Bazaar: If you could have a dinner party for any 3 artists who would you choose?

KG: Andy Warhol, David Bowie, and Stanley Kubrick!

All photos by Jen Senn

Haya Zoubi