Oliver Hibert

A friend of mine who has given me tarot and astrological chart forecasts for close to ten years recently pulled out a deck of gorgeous psychedelic tarot cards which instantly caught my eye.  The cards, which she had never used with me before turned out to be by Oliver Hibert.  This artist is a true romantic and it shows in his work and lifestyle which can be seen on Instagram or in his book Eye See You. Upon inquiring further I learned that Oliver was born in Seattle and is currently based in my own hometown in Scottsdale, Arizona among his "desert cacti farm and 1000 peacocks".  Though the 1000 peacocks claim might seem far out, It wouldn't surprise me considering he looks like he's been transported right out of one of his own paintings.  Even his name makes me want to grab his hand and take a walk around Victorian era London on Acid.  I can't help but deeply admire artists who really live their work. 

Here are a few questions I asked Oliver recently:

Gone Bazaar: How and when did you come to the realization that you would become an artist?

Oliver Hibert: Well I've always drawn and done weirdo art things from a pretty early age but When I started to try painting when I was 15 I realized the true value of art I suppose, ya know, it became much more than just a fun thing to do when you're bored or whatever.. And When I was 16 I ended up going to an art high school for a year and it was at that time I realized that art was my life, It was what I needed and wanted to do forever no matter what got in my way.

Gone Bazaar: What are some of the major things that inspire or inform your work?
Oliver Hibert: With me it's all over the place.. I think some key and general things would be Magic and mystery, Darkness and the light, love, color, death, sex, power, symmetry, wonder, the 60's, Op Art, Art Nouveau, comic books cartoons, Surrealism, psychedelics, the human body, such as eyes, hands and mouths.. Those are somethings off the top of my head that are key to me in a nut shell.

Gone Bazaar: Who are the artists that you admire?
Oliver Hibert: Keiichi Tanamii, Aubrey Beardsley, Tom Wessleman, Eduardo Paolozzi, Peter Max, Martin Sharp, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Gustav Klimt, Martin Ontiveros to name a few..

Gone Bazaar: Are you self taught or formal education in art?
Oliver Hibert: I'm basically self taught. I did go to an art high school as I mentioned my junior year of high school, but I already knew how and what I wanted to paint so I didn't learn much technical things there other than how to stretch a canvas etc... What I learned there is that art is a real thing, I wasn't crazy for thinking so. I dropped out after my junior year in High school so I could have 100% time painting and creating art. That's how serious I was. Never had a class or schooling since, Ive always hated school anyway but that's just me. I think school can be a great thing for others!

Gone Bazaar: If you could jump into a time machine to any era which would you choose and why?
Oliver Hibert:
I would probably choose the 1860's and go to England and smoke opium with Lewis Carroll. Or the late 1960's and catch a psychedelic happening. Or maybe during the dark or medieval times and become a wizard and live in a cave on some mountain somewhere.

Gone Bazaar: If you could throw a dinner party with any Three artists (past, present, fictional or real) who would you invite and what would you serve for dinner?
Oliver Hibert: Salvador Dali, a Salvador Dali impersonator and a Salvador Dali impersonator impersonator. I would serve a giant tray of exotic fruits with seared sea serpent and acid spiked Kool-Aid. 


Haya Zoubi