Lauren Foster

Lauren Foster is one of the most recognized transgender models in the world and one of the first to appear in Vogue.  The jet setting beauty and LGBTQ activist has starred on Housewives of Miami and was recently named among Variety Magazine's Women of Empowerment. 

Q: How did you come to be named one of Variety Magazine’s Women of Empowerment?
A: I received an email from the PR team that represents VARIETY. They said that VARIETY had chosen me as a Woman of Empowerment and would like to honor me at their annual lunch. We exchanged contact information and spoke further. It was a huge honor and I, of course, accepted. They see Miami as a city of diversity and I believe this was one of the reasons they chose me. They have been very gracious and I am truly humbled by this. 

Q: In all of your travels around the world as a fashion model, what was your favorite city to visit and why?
A: My favorite city is, hands down, Paris. It’s exciting, the home of fashion, I love French cuisine and the men are so gallant. It’s also a late city, which suits me. I love going too dinner at midnight and staying up until the sun rises. It’s dreamy.

Q: What's your favorite art museum or art gallery in Paris? 
A: The Musee De Cluny is my favorite museum, although in a city filled with art, it’s a tough decision. Musee De Cluny is filled with medieval art and the gardens surrounding it are medieval inspired.    Whenever I go back I’ll grab a café and a croissant and take a book to read in the garden. The YSL museum is another fave spot. 

Q: What's your favorite shopping destination in that city?
A: I used to love Colette but unfortunately it has closed. I do a lot of vintage shopping and always stop by TILT VINTAGE. They specialize in items from the 60’s to the 90’s and I love the slouchy, sexy feel of their inventory.

Q: Who are some of your favorite artists? 
A: Number one would have to be Grace Jones. An icon and probably the most stylish person I know. Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Q: If you could jump in a time machine to any era, which era would you choose and who would you be?
A: I mean I really love my life and think this is the coolest time to be alive but if I had to choose an era, it would be the 20’s and I would be Daisy Buchanan, or any woman from a Fitzgerald novel.

Q: If you could throw a dinner party for any 3 people who would you choose and what would you serve for dinner?
A: Colin Farrell (for obvious reasons), Warhol and Morrissey. 
Chocolate covered lobster

Photographer: @dalestine

Hair design: @seandonaldson_hair

Make-up: @beautykeg

Haya Zoubi