Steve Aoki’s Review of the Hotel Concourse in Wisconsin

The time when Steve Aoki did a hotel review for my website…

Hotel Concourse in Madison Wisconsin, by Steve Aoki

When i checked in to Concourse Hotel in Madison Wisconsin it felt like a standard hotel nothing out of the ordinary. Lobby and reception looked and felt like most sub par hotels I’ve been in. They booked me on the top floor with a decent view. The room was a bit bigger than your average room and the view of Lake Mimoma was right in front of me.

The most important part of a hotel room for me is THE BED. If the bed is not to my liking everything else in the hotel seems obsolete and for a standard looking hotel, the bed was GREAT. It was cushioney soft, NOT HARD, and BIG. That made me smile. Now i can check out all the other services and interesting things in the hotel with a clear head.

The second most important part of the hotel for me is the water pressure in the shower. If it drips then i’ll remember that hotel and not want to go back. This shower was not as strong as i’d prefer but worked and did it’s job. I brought my own shampoo and conditioner luckily because the ones in the hotel you wouldn’t want to use. No bathtub - bummer. The toilet flushes slow… Not good. THey need to work on that. There is a flat screen TV, not the old school kind, which is a bonus. The FREE INTERNET! is a great sign for a good stay. The heater in the room heats up the whole room in 5 minutes and that’s important because it was snowing, wet and cold outside. I didn’t try room service but looking at the menu I opted not to. Overall the room itself saved by the bed, the flat screen tv and free internet was fair.

I checked out the other services and accommodations in the hotel… here is what I found. They have a kind of “VIP” feeling GOVERNOR’S LOUNGE that oversees a nice view of the city with pictures of the governors of the state all in the room. Felt very “old” like meant for people over 65 would be having a drink pondering about their lazy days ahead. Wasn’t for me or for my friends. I went down to the spa, fitness center, arcade next. The game room was circa 1982. It felt like they locked the doors to that room since then as well. The games looked dusty and they were ancient. The air hockey game took up most of the space and I can’t see how any kid would want to go in there to burn some time when they now all have PSPs, and Nintendo WII’s that blow the technology away. Major negative points there. The fitness center has all the essentials that a traveler needs - your high tech treadmills and walker things and a few muscle pumpers.. don’t know the names but it seems standard, nothing out of the ordinary. The pool is designed for laps and not for fussing around and having fun. Sauna yes. Jacuzzi yes. Walking out i saw the business center which was sort of pitiful because it wasn’t even in a room. Just kind of hanging out in the hallway with a desk and 1 computer. I think instead of calling it a business center they should have just called it the computer corner which was more suitable.

I give it a Steve Aoki 2.5 out of 5 rating

Haya Zoubi