Hotel Bel Air

Tucked away in the City of Angels is a place you’ve been dying to try for years. Friends, families, acquaintances, colleagues, you name it – basically anyone who has been here before will attest to Hotel Bel-Air’s irresistible charm. So you were itching to step inside as soon as it reopened its doors in 2011.

Spanish colonial architecture done up in French Deco design still predominates the overall aura of Hotel Bel-Air. Its brand of Bel-Air style has been upgraded a notch, however, with interiors that portray effortless elegance and youthful languidness.

Lush gardens surround 58 guestrooms and 45 suites. Look for pleasant surprises in one of the seven one-of-a-kind specialty suites, such as retractable walls that retreat to allow the entire space to open up to an outdoor patio.

Interior designer Alexandra Champalimaud is responsible for the re-design of Hotel Bel-Air. The Hollywood of the 30′s, 40′s, and 50′s served as her inspiration, a time when quintessential American style was much sought after and gave visitors from all over the world a taste of gorgeous glamor, easy living, and scintillating style.

Hotel Bel-Air
701 Stone Canyon Road,
Los Angeles, CA 90077
+1 310-472-1211

Haya Zoubi