The Arizona Biltmore

The Biltmore hotel is one of the most beautiful architectural marvels that Arizona has. Any traveler can leave all of ones troubles and worries at the door the second you step foot in the air conditioned lobby of the Biltmore. The rooms are top notch for any traveler in search of comfort and relaxation. Plasma televisions and marble bathtubs
ensure that every moment spent in your room will be one of comfort and convenience. The entire compound is large and flat well maintained landscape of natural cacti and plant life native to phoenix. I found the parking to be a little less than accessible unless you are willing to pay the reasonable valet charge. The location of the Blitmore is somewhat isolated from most of the city of scottsdale, which is perfect if you are the type of traveler that enjoys a more languid, relaxing vacation experience.

However, the Biltmore has been equiped with every nuance and convenience making it possible to not ever have to leave the hotel grounds. Upon my visit I was lucky enough to try out the official restaurant of the Biltmore, Frank and Alberts, which has something on the menu to ensure the perfect dining experience for everyone, every night of the week.
The Biltmore hotel is the perfect hotel for the high end traveler who has no limit to the amount of pleasure and money they can afford themselves. The Biltmore is a hotel at a higher level, which which will pamper and please you until the time comes that you have to pay the bill.

-Stryder Bartow

2400 East Missouri Avenue
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 954-2507

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