Travel Keys (Hollywood Hills)

During the planning phase, before a recent trip to Los Angeles, I decided that I wanted to find an alternative to a hotel stay by way of a vacation home rental. I discovered Travel Keys and as I looked over the seemingly endless selection of luxury homes not only in LA but all around the world, I imagined what it would be like to holiday in a lavish home rental which would serve to make me feel like a resident rather than a tourist. I envisaged a home close to all of the significant landmarks and museums as well as café’s and shopping destinations. Travel Keys offered all of the things I had imagined and beyond expectations in terms of location, spaciousness of the home, cleanliness, assistance from an apartment greeter (in lieu of a hotel concierge) and much more.


Though I’m not a celebrity obsessed person by any stretch of the imagination, the home I stayed at was once residence to some pretty impressive Hollywood luminaries including Orson Welles, Rita Hayworth, Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand and my favorite of all: David Bowie. I really felt the presence of some kind of spirit or vibration throughout the home and I imagined Orson Welles or David Bowie living in these quarters as they contemplated their next career moves. I did a little bit of research about the home and found that it had also been featured in various television shows about some of the most haunted places around the US. One thing we can certainly conclude is that if there are ghosts in that home, they are certainly living in luxury.

The lush backyard included a lagoon pool with a jacuzzi built into the mountain surrounded by beautiful foliage, and a huge outdoor deck overlooking stunning views of Hollywood and beyond. I decided to have a few friends over for a swim followed by dinner, possibly a seance to invite the spirit of Orson Welles. When my friends arrived they went for a swim while I cooked dinner (What I like to call my “Artisanal Shepard’s Pie” -Whereby I replace standard cheddar with Gruyere and I add Polish gravy). We enjoyed dinner and a few bottles of Sancerre at the round table in the dining room, and after dinner I half jokingly suggested that we have a seance to my friends but the idea was quickly shut down with laughter. The home also featured a game room with a bar, large screen television with music channels and a pool table. I decided to play bartender while my friends played a few games of pool. Laughs were had all around. Any spirits that do linger at this home are certainly of the fun variety. I felt nothing but good vibes the whole time.

My stay at the Travel Keys celebrity home was an unforgettable experience and I would highly recommend a stay here for anyone visiting Los Angeles. A rental such as this, especially if staying with a larger group, is such a great alternative to staying at a typical hotel. Not that there’s anything wrong with hotels so to speak, but you don’t get to have the “living in the city” experience like get from a rental.

Haya Zoubi